Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

pantry party!
Resourceful cooking can be the most rewarding kind. That is, re-working leftovers into a new, exciting dish or cooking with only what is in the fridge or pantry fuels creativity and reduces the guilt of food waste dramatically! 
DH often teases me for taking this too far, jokingly assuring me, "we aren't poor, you know...its not as though we have 12 children to feed".
Last night though, I re-worked 3 dishes from the night before with varied levels of success.
curried cauliflower

curried cauliflower soup

soup with a spoonful of homemade creme fraiche
From the curried cauliflower came curried cauliflower soup. It was delicious as a vegan puree but a spoonful of homemade creme fraiche was delicious too.
roast root veggies

rustic tart with root veggies

From roasted root veggies came a rustic root veggie tart. This was unquestionably the winner of the night and surely will become a repeat offender in our house.
egg white frittata with young garlic greens
 From the roasted young garlic greens and the egg whites divorced from their yolks for the creme brulee came an egg white frittata. This was the least successful dish and in retrospect the garlic greens would have been better as a scallion pancake. C'est la vie.

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