Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beet Burgers...An Instant Classic

We cook at home a lot. We also eat out a fair amount but lately, home cooking has been on high priority. My unspoken weekly goal is to cook/eat at home at least 4 nights in the week (though 'life' has a way of getting in the way of these kinds of goals!).
As a result, there are a few 'Greatest Hits' in our kitchen department. In fact, more than half the meals made at home are made from memory alone. There is no hard copy of a recipe to speak of.

A few of these best sellers include: 
-Fish Tacos
-Mixed Greens w/ Poached Egg
-Homemade Pizza
-Soba Noodle Salad w/ Marinated Tofu
-Grilled Fish & Grilled Vegetable
When inspiration strikes, I will attempt a new recipe but the reality is, the tried and true are ones that get played…the same could be said for our music selections when you get right down to it.
That said, every now and then, a new recipe comes along that knocks our socks off and becomes an instant classic.
This culinary explosion occurred just last night, when I made Green Kitchen Stories’ recipe for Beet & Feta Burgers. DH wanted to make homemade veggie burgers and after having The Plant’s beet burger, I’ve had beets on the brain, so this recipe was, well, a no brainer!
This recipe fit my 3-fold criteria of 1) healthy, 2) affordable & 3) delicious. Altogether, the ingredients were around $15, which when you consider could feed up to 8 people, is incredibly low. Additionally, the burgers took 10-15 min to prep, another 30 minutes to rest, and only 5-10 minutes to cook and assemble. A meal this good in less than an hour is worth some kind of domestic award!
Lastly,these Beet & Feta burgers are extremely healthy. The crumbled feta in the burger can be substituted with tofu for a dairy-free version and the rolled oats used to bind the burger can be gluten-free. Even if you follow the original recipe, it is a well-balanced, high-fiber, low-fat meal that I am certain will be a crowd pleaser among young and old alike.