Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Linus Love

Roadster Classic
Upon learning we would be moving to the Bay Area this past fall, I figured I would ask for a bicycle for Christmas. What little I knew of the Bay Area seemed to have a strong bike culture, especially East Bay. I figured this would be as good a time as any to finally learn how to ride a bike.
Merry Christmas, Emily!
 Yes, you read that right, I have never officially learned how to ride a bike. For whatever reason, I never asked for a bike for Christmases or birthdays growing up, as most everyone else did and learned then. To be honest, the idea of riding a bike, especially on city streets has always terrified me.
The loving and ever generous DH granted my Christmas wish in the form of a brand new, custom built Linus bike. Not only is this bicycle a beautiful piece of artisan craftsmanship, it has proved to be the perfect vehicle. Single speed, back pedal brakes and upright handle bars make it the very best 'first bicycle' to learn on.
At the Berkeley Aquatic Park
I would be lying if I said I just hopped right on was instantly a cyclist. There was a bit of a learning curve and some frightful moments at the start. That said though, this truly is the city of cyclists. In Berkeley there are what's called Bicycle Boulevards wherein bicycles have the right-of-way and car traffic is discouraged.
At Berkeley Farmer's Market
Now Linus and I go everywhere together. I rarely ever drive my car anymore and when I do, I find myself missing my Linus. Saturdays now entail cycling all around town, exploring new streets and neighborhoods and stopping for bite to eat or a beverage along the way. Cycling is like the salt to any activity, it just enhances the flavor!
Outside Chez Panisse
It's a shame the phrase "it's changed my life" is so extreme because it sums up my sentiments perfectly. My only question is 'why didn't I ask for one of these things 20+ years ago!?'

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  1. you are so cute with your helmet and wallabees!!