Monday, August 15, 2011

Best Tuna Sandwich in Town!

BiRite's Nicoise Tuna Sandwich
It's been a whirlwind summer.
In short, this past weekend (Aug 5-7) was literally the first weekend since April that we were not out of town or had friends and family in town. In other words, a totally free weekend.
Among our favorite ways to waste away some free time is in The Mission. If the weather provides, we'll pick up sandwiches and libations at Bi-Rite Market and carry out an impromptu picnic in Dolores Park.
The Mission's BiRite Market

Picnic in Dolores Park
Bi-Rite Market is a magical portal into an idyllic neighborhood market more likely to have thrived in your grandparents era or in another country. It doubles as a thriving specialty grocery store. 
The tiny (1800 sq. ft.) space bursts with the most beautiful produce, cheeses and seafood. The employees are knowledgeable, thoughtful and acrobatic in negotiating the space; they truly are the heart of the store.
Stellar Produce 
Stunning Flowers
On any given day, the two narrow aisles are packed full of patrons carrying out a similar Delores Park Picnic plan.
Everything from the local farm produce and super fresh cheeses to the wide array of fine chocolates and local breads that beckons the heart strings but for us, its all about the Nicoise salad sandwich.
DH ordering the Nicoise Tuna Sandwich
Bi-Rite has some of the most sustainable fish on offer in Northern California and you can taste it in every bite.
A little about this delightful sandwich...
The sashimi grade tombo tuna is lightly pan seared, then dressed with saffron-infused aioli and olive tapenade all sandwiched between a cibatta roll with heirloom tomatoes and mixed greens.
Sunday Paradise
Paired with a bottle of Saison Dupont and the Sunday NYT crossword...paradise, as it turns out, can be bought! ;-)

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