Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Little Mermaid sing-along at the Castro Theater

Apologies for the long delay in posting, I know (all 12!) of you were at the edge of your screens awaiting an update from ButterDate.
 Well, wait no further...I bring you one of the most thrilling events experienced in the Bay Area so far...Sing-Along to 'The Little Mermaid' at the famous Castro Theater!!!
 DH and Aa were champs to attend the event with me and might have been the only 2 people in the theater that weren't female and/or under 29!
Goodie bag contents!
Attendees were given goodie bags filled with 'mermaid' related loot, including a King Triton-like gold crown, an Ursula-esque "pearl" necklace , a Sebastian-ish glow-stick/conducting baton, bubbles for the bathtub scene and a Dingle Hopper, better known as a fork on land but not in 'The Little Mermaid'!
Inside the Castro Theater
The Castro Theater could not have been a more perfect venue for this event. Built in 1922 in Spanish Colonial Baroque style, the building is now an historical monument and home to amazing screenings, special events and the best theater popcorn in town. Seriously. 
Organ player with crown!
 An organ player even emerged from below the stage to regal the audience with show tunes before the film.
evil, awesome Ursula
'The Little Mermaid' was the first and might have been the only movie I actively memorized the lyrics to at 7 years old, tape deck and sleeve in hand, in the backseat of the Puegeot wagon with Shann. Seeing the film and singing those songs again, 20 years later was a treat not soon forgotten! The only thing that might have the night more memorable is if Shann had been belting it out by my side!
For any skeptics that this night wasn't a total blast, go listen to 'Part of your World'. I dare you not to love it!

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  1. This is pretty much a normal night in for Joe and I.