Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Butternuts

Baby Butternut Squash
I'm a sucker for all things miniature. Miniature art, miniature clothing (i.e. leather jackets for newborns), don't get me started on dollhouses and all the miniatures inside! So it's no big surprise that I had to have these miniature or baby butternut squashes from the farmer's market.
baby butternuts, halved.
I decided to halve, roast and stuff them as an alternative to stuffed acorn squash. Halving the baby butternuts was exactly one million times easier than their tough-skinned parents.
roasted with a drizzle chili oil

quinoa stuffed squashes
I opted for red and white quinoa with hazelnuts, cherries and ginger. Couscous or pearl barley might also have been good grain options. 

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