Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Dinner

This Valentine's, we thought to keep it simple and eat at home. Ha! Little did we know practically everyone else in the East Bay was doing the same! Our local grocery store, Berkeley Bowl was amass of frantic loved ones, reading from lists and recipes in the aisles. Bare in mind, it was the middle of the day on a Monday and yet the waitlist for the fish and meat counter was 13 deep! Yikes. 
DH witnessed the madness in Rockridge when our favorite baguette source, La Farine was sold out of every type of bread and the neighboring meat and seafood shop had a line snaking out the door!
Once home though, I was at ease in the kitchen. I opted to make a simple meal of DH's favorite things: roasted root veggies, gougeres, curried cauliflower and halibut.
roasted roots: red&golden beets, gold potatoes, turnips, rutabaga & black radish

curried cauliflower

roast halibut on a bed of young garlic greens

To drink, DH popped a bottle of mighty fine bubbly. A tart green apple taste and a dry mouth feel, the Champagne sang beautifully with each dish, especially the fish.

For dessert, molasses creme brulee and a Valentine's classic, pink frosted butter cookies!
pink cookies

brulee done with our camping torch, compliments of Bruce!
molasses creme brulee
Hope everyone had a delightful day and evening, devoid of madness. Happy Valentine's Day, one day late.

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