Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunset Hike at Panoramic Hill

The Bay
Along with miniatures, I am a total sucker for sunsets. A pink-orange sky can send me a whirl like a child seeing a squirrel for the first time. There's no telling just how many photographs of skies I have taken but rest assured, the final count greatly exceeds photos of loved ones in my library!
Port of Oakland. East Bay
So it is with some reservation I write about an everyday occurrence like a sunset. But this was one epic sunset. Upon the recommendation of a friend, DH and I decided to check out Claremont Canyon, a regional preserve hugging the hills of Oakland and Berkeley. 
We arrived right before sunset on Friday, that perfect moment of every weekend when the energy is high and there is nothing but potential for fun and freedom of the next 48 hours. 
Upper Jordan Trail
across the preserve

perfect viewing spot
Cal students, idyllic (from afar)
The Upper-Jordan trail we hiked was super steep and super quick, perfect to catch the entire sunset. We stopped off at about the halfway point where the trail opens up onto a huge green hillside and one can take in a sprawling, panoramic view of the bay. Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Candlestick park and the port of Oakland are all within view at this incredible, serene spot.

What a perfect start to the weekend.

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