Monday, January 24, 2011

Jimtown Store

Jimtown Store.
Off the 128 highway, in the heart of the Anderson Valley lies the most adorable throwback roadside cafe and market by the name of Jimtown Store. Just a few miles north of Healdsburg, Jimtown feels like its in the middle of nowhere, in a good way. 
Highway 128 is a scenic two-lane highway most traversed by locals in flat bed trucks, tourists taking in the wineries of Anderson Valley and cyclists, both amateur and advanced, out for a breathtaking ride. Jimtown Store serves all riders of 128 alike, with its delicious menu, serene setting and I-never-knew-I-needed-this-but-now-I-gotta-have-it marketplace.

Former county firetruck is now Jimtown's mascot.
gr8 pl8

Grab a hot coffee then order off the chalkboard

Americana Everywhere! Lunchbox & thermos collection

adorably curated knickknacks everywhere you turn

colorful oilcloth, available by the yard

Santa Rosa gold-embossed votives

inside seating

outside patio
When we first started dating, DH used to send me the sweetest letters written at Jimtown where he enjoyed a baked egg sandwich in the middle of a long ride (bike ride). 
My first impression of the place was from his writings so naturally I insisted we go my first time visiting him up north, years ago. It quickly became a favorite of ours, so much so that we replicated the baked egg sandwiches for the entire family at Christmas Brunch last year. 
The baked egg sandwich has a simple layer of house made romesco on each slice of rosemary foccacia. Sweet and spicy pickles are the perfect compliment. The option of bacon or ham is available but I prefer the sandwich without. It is delightful for breakfast with a latte or lunch with a local Pinot and well worth the long drive...or ride! 
baked egg sandwiches, with or without bacon or ham.

house-made romesco

I have every faith the entire menu at Jimtown is stunning  but I must confess I've never managed to venture past the baked egg's just too good!


  1. I really enjoyed this. Well done.

  2. Don't forget to go to Hawkes tasting room next door and try some PYR!
    Are you Blogsploring while DH is at work?