Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Butter Date

Our 2nd or 3rd day in East Bay, I made my way to the Berkeley farmer's market. 
Arriving, I discovered several of the vendors provided compostable bags for produce as well as a 'leave a bag-take a bag' dispensary to cut down on waste. 
After acquiring some winter citrus and a handful anise-green futuresque romanescoes, I was on my way, but a small date stand caught my eye. There must have been a half dozen different varieties of dates on offer. 
Dates! Like, 'who cares about dates?', right? But these dates, My God. I have never tasted a date so good, and creamy and downright buttery. 
Instantly, I wanted everyone I love to try this date. 
Experience this melt-in-your mouth consistency. From a date.
How could a date taste this good? Does everything taste better up here? 
I am sure the answer to that last question is 'no', but it's nice to believe it about the place you're living, at least for a moment. 
And all because of one buttery date.

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