Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A (3 Gallon) Bowlful of Granola

Homemade Granola
Good granola is all about the right proportion. I call it the oats:guts ratio, the 'guts' typically being the combo of nuts and dried fruits but can really include anything from chia seeds to chocolate chips. The fun of granola is it's kitchen sink quality where just about anything goes, to varying success.
the 'guts': roasted almonds, pepitas, sunflower and sesame seeds & coconut 
I prefer a nuttier, seedier granola; not so much savory just not overly sweet. 
Homemade granola is close to our hearts because we have been making it together for Christmas gifts since we've been together. The very smell of roasting nuts and toasted oats is nostalgic and pleasant. 
Our favorite is a honey-sweetened granola with roast pepitas, almonds, black and white sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and coconut flakes. This nut/seed-heavy granola is then lightly studded with a few dried sour cherries and chunks of aromatic crystalized ginger to give it a little kick.
raw and ready to roast!
lightly toasted coconut flakes
Roasting your own nuts and seeds (and coconut) is the only way to go; its cheaper and it tastes better, a real no-brainer.
coating the oats on the stovetop
I pre-toast the oats as well and then mix them with browned butter and local honey on the stove top. In the past I've used oil in lieu of butter to make it vegan and maple syrup instead of honey but the butter-honey-stovetop method seems to be the best way to ensure a good granola 'clump', highly important to DH!
13 quart bowl full of homemade granola
There few things in life as gratifying as holding a 13 quart bowl full of granola!

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