Friday, May 20, 2011

Riverdog Dinner

First shelled fava beans with dragon tongue radish
Midway through the Riverdog Farm tour, guests were given the opportunity to purchase produce, farm fresh eggs and house-made almond butter. I scooped up some dragon tongue radishes and a handful of fava beans. When another enthusiastic guest inquired about how many fava beans to buy, one of the Camino kitchen staff wisely and wearily replied, "with favas, its never enough and its always too much work!".
No truer words were spoken that day. 
Riverdog fava beans
Upon arriving home I realized my paltry number of favas would make but a mere embellishment to whatever dish they were in.
Fresh favas + fresh pasta = favorite spring meal
fresh favas after 2nd shelling; empty pods
Tonight would be a perfect night to christen my new(ish) pasta attachment. I've made fresh pastas for years but much like pizzamaking, my process has improved greatly. This was my first go at a mechanical roller rather than the hand-cranked variety. 
Pros: faster, easier, less hands-on 
Cons: less control (once the pasta sheet is in the roller, there is no stopping it!)
first rolling pasta sheets flat 
then for a spaghetti cut
I opted for whole wheat pasta because 1. its healthier 2. we just ran out of AP flour and 3. I genuinely prefer the taste of fresh ww pasta over white. There's more of a toothiness to it.
spaghetti al limone with fava beans
Spaghetti al Limone (lemon spaghetti) seemed like an excellent compliment to the fresh fava beans. 
poached salmon; radish & avocado toast
DH poached a nice piece of salmon and I toasted the last of Tartine loaf I'd made earlier in the week. We both adore butter and radish sandwiches but in our feeble efforts to be 'healthy', avocado slices replaced the French tradition of butter for these toasts. Strangely, the toasts were the most delicious (and easiest) part of the meal. Why is it always this way??
Bovine Bakery's raspberry marzipan tart
Dessert was tiny slices of a divine raspberry-marzipan tart DH picked up at the Bovine Bakery in Petaluma, CA.

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