Monday, February 25, 2013

How to have a near perfect day


-One perfect, sunny day in the Bay
-One free, open day with no agenda
-Two* bicycles
-Two* adventurous spirits
*= can be multiplied exponentially in equal ratios of bicycles to adventurous spirits. Adventurousness is essential.


-Mix well to combine all ingredients
-Ride bicycles to Chrissy Field with sandwiches and a (surprise!) bottle of Anthill Farms Pinot in tow.
-Cycle halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge and decide on a whim to go all the way into the town of Sausalito
-Grab a quick refresher beer at Bar Bocce
-Catch the last ferry back to the Ferry Building**
-Repeat as often as humanly possible!

**=Full Moon is an added bonus

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