Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hunger Challenge; day 3

L to R: black beans, chana dal, dark kidney beans soaking
Awoke this morning with better spirits than yesterday. No headache initially, but I did have a morning appointment at the DMV looming over me.
Day 3, breakfast: cinnamon oatmeal
With a bowlful of the trusty cinnamon oatmeal in my belly, I was armed and ready to face the Department of Motor Vehicles. But when I arrived to the check-in desk, they had no record of my scheduled appointment and of course, their computer system was down, so there was no way to confirm the comes headache!
All my good spirits were absorbed into the bad florescent lighting and all the awful shades of grey and that is the DMV. It only occurred to me later that it must be equally bureaucratic and spirit-draining to get food stamps. 
Why must government agencies be so painful?
Two hours later, my no. wass finally called. After paying my license renewal fee, I was informed I'd need to take a new ID photo today. Fabulous! I can only imagine just how flattering that pict will be. ugh.

 Day 3, lunch: vegan mashed potatoes, curried chickpea salad and a hard boiled egg.
Exercise is extremely difficult on this Hunger Challenge. Yesterday, I attempted a strenuous core-conditioning class at the gym and almost passed out in the first 5 minutes. I powered through but the thought of running or climbing makes me nauseous!
Day 3, snack: carrots
Desperately Seeking Peanut Butter! 
It's not even that I'm a big peanut butter person. I eat it only occasionally and can go months at a time without having any in the house. Of course this week however, I happen to have 3 FULL JARS of the buttery, salty, nutty spread taunting me in the pantry, none of which I included in the H.C. budget. Peanut butter would have been so perfect in the oatmeal, or spread on celery or dipped in carrots or eaten by the spoonful. A spoonful of peanut butter would do wonders for my morale right about now.

Day 3, dinner; Spicy Two-Bean Vegetarian Chili
Not as disgusting as it looks but mos def not my best work.

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