Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fish fry sandwiches

pan fried cod sandwiches with salt & vinegar chips and braised broccoli
Sunday afternoon, while driving home on the I-5 North after a long and wonderful weekend in LA, DH and I both came down with an intense craving for a fish sandwich. Not just any fish sandwich mind you, but the fish sandwich from local Oakland eatery, Wood Tavern. Theirs is a harmonious blend of pan fried sole, fresh frisee and a pickle-caper remoulade together on a La Farine baguette, the best baguette in the bay area. 
Sadly though, this perfect sandwich is served only on their lunch menu and we were somewhere in Bakersfield when we got the craving. 
Wood tavern was not in the stars Sunday night.
crispy cibatta rolls, garlicky aioli & red cabbage slaw
So we opted for the next best thing and recreated our own fish sandwich!
We opted for local rock cod and DH whipped up a very delicious red cabbage slaw and a garlicky aioli. Salt & vinegar potato chips are a given with a fish sandwich and the braised broccoli made its best effort to make the meal ever so slightly healthy.

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